Welcome Knit Collage!  
Many of you have been longtime followers of Amy, the creator of Knit Collage, on Instagram, and now you can touch and feel her yarns in real life!  These yarns make anyone smile, and brighten even the gloomiest of days.  Each skein is unique, and expertly crafted out of natural fibers (except for the glitter). This team  of women makes this yarn so special! 

Sampler Kit Cowl Patterns   Holiday Stocking
How fun are these mini skein sampler patterns? ( You get to sample 5 of Knit Collage's most popular yarns!)   

Cozy Companion Throw Pattern
Stop in and see our Cozy Companion Throw  knit with 6 skeins of Wanderlust yarn!  

Pom Bomb Scarf   Pom Bomb Hat Pattern

The pom-pom craze continues, and we can see why!  They really make your  hand-knit look it's best!  
You can make your own pom bomb scarf  this weekend with two skeins of Wanderlust yarn; or, the hat  with just one skein.

Marled Cowl Pattern   Double Happiness Cowl Pattern
Do you have about an hour?  If so,  this is the project for you  with just one skein of  Pixie dust held with some smooth yarns, or try the Double Happiness cowl !   Stop in and see Natalie's, and how nicely it lays since she added a half twist and a 3 ndl BO.

Be Mine Striped Sweater Pattern  Snowcap Cardigan Pattern
Get cozy this holiday in either the Be mine side-to-side pullover , or the Snowcap Cardigan , both knit in Spun Cloud.  

New fun from QIng Fibre!  

Who wouldn't want a skein, or two, of these in their stocking?  
We now are fully stocked in Gentle Lace.

A big mountain of melted suri is here!  
Image result for qing fiber melted suri
Many of you have already used this fun yarn for sweaters and accessories.  Stop in and see our samples!  

By far, our favorite tweed yarn so far!
Qing Fibre Donegal Sock - Bitter Melon Shangri-La  Image result for qing fibre donegal sock
When we unpacked this shipment, each skein of tweed sock was more fun than the rest!   We were amazed at the three different shades of tweedy nups, and the high percentage of them (15%!).

So many knits to choose from!

It is hard to decide what we feature in our store, but we are thankful for who all helps us make it possible!  Our immense rotating sample selection insures that there is something for everyone to enjoy.  
  Image result for victoria by quail studios
Amber by Quail Studios for Rowan is an updated cross between a poncho and sweatshirt.  This season, Rowan came out with even more shades of their classic yarn; felted tweed.  We decided to have Brenda, one of our customers and sample knitters, knit it up for us.  To dress it up, we've added the Victoria scarf knit by one of our customers, Christy.  This scarf uses two skeins of a limited edition luxury yarn from Rowan made of silk and cashmere.  This yarn is truly a tactile experience, complete with either rabbit, or faux fur, pom poms!  Also, a thank you to her for adjusting the gauge to make it work!      

This newsletter is going to be a little different- it is featuring all the latest samples and trunk show pieces we have in the shop right now (but honestly, there were about 20 more we wanted to feature but didn't want to overwhelm you)!   Customers are always impressed and amazed at the mountains of knitwear and the constantly changing samples in our store.  We encourage customers to take photos of samples they like, because often, the sample will no longer be in the store the next time they visit; or, we won't know what they are trying to describe.  Natalie usually changes the front mannequins weekly, and sweaters in the shop may have a different scarf on them daily!   

Lyst  and Kvinde  just arrived on loan from Woolfolk, both knit in their super chunky Hygge (who-ga) yarn.  We have fallen more and more in love with this company over the few short years we have worked with them because they provide us with so much retail support, a wonderful project with a great mission statement, and innovative designs that are just as easy to wear as they are to knit!

Another question we are often asked is "who knits all of these?!"   Most shop samples are knit by Natalie; or, one of our two samples knitters.   Staff on occasion knit a shop sample, but in general,  they are knitting their own projects for either themselves to wear, or for a customer.   We also have trunk show pieces in the shop at all times from 1-5 companies!   Trunk shows are sample collections sent to us by a yarn company; we display them for two short weeks, and then send them on to the next shop.   We also often display finished projects of customers for even shorter periods of time which is a really fun way to showcase how talented our customers are!  

Birk and Drys have been on display for over a month, but customers are still being inspired, and Natalie still wants to knit up both of these incredibly soft wardrobe staples.

If customers are not asking who knit all of the gorgeous samples, then they will ask if the items on display are for sale.  This is usually asked by new or non-knitters and our response is, "they can be, but in general they are for inspirational purposes only since most enjoy the  process of the making".   If the sample is one of Natalie's, she is happy to figure out a price for you which will include the cost of the yarn and a price per yard of knitting.  If the sample is older, or less complex, the price will be less than say a new Fair Isle sample.

Natalie had a great time knitting Odense, and Randers.  Both used slip-stitch techniques for fun, yet easy, knitting that makes a cozy statement.  

We also hear on a weekly basis, "I can never knit things that look as good as your samples".  Our response is, "yes, you can!!"  Number one: use the recommended yarn(s),  We do not recommend using cheap yarn for practice.  The bad thing with lesser quality or synthetic yarns,is that they will not block out (become more even and smooth once washed as the final step), and the process of knitting isn't as enjoyable, so you may never even finish, or when you do, it may not look it's best.  Your time is limited, and good yarn can be ripped out several times without compromising the quality.  Besides, knitting is all about enjoying how every stitch feels.

One of our regular customers, who loves Churchmouse patterns, knit  this sweater as soon as she saw it.  A few years later, we found the "perfect" yarn for it (QIng Melted Suri); now we have two of these pullovers on display.   The Riverine Scarf has been so popular all year long, yet Donna knit hers several years ago.  Sometimes things really need to sink in before we are ready to knit!   

  We  provide knitting classes (both private and group), and all of our staff love to knit.  They can answer quick questions, and help you select your next project.  If you purchase your supplies from us, our motto is 5-10 minutes of help is free (time permitting), but if you need more than that, please schedule a private lesson for $15 per half hour.  Most people improve by popping in and asking a few quick questions.  The more you knit, the better you will become.  It is like reading:  challenging at first, but in a year or so, it will be so easy that you will hardly remember what it was like before.  We also love "show and tell".  Not only is this is a great way to spotcheck your knitting, but it really does inspire us.  We can't knit everything, and it's fun and helpful to see what others are making.   

We are amazed at how well the Mistral wrap fits, and we love the over-sized pockets that hold modern day cell phones!   Denise (a long time customer who recently has become a sample knitter) knit this for the shop in one of the newest colors of Shibui, in their newest yarn, Nest.  If you are more inspired by wild knits, then the Jigshawl Brenda is letting us borrow is one for you to stop in and see!   

The trend is for simpler projects with amazing yarns.  Most people knit to relax!  We encourage you to try one or two new techniques per project, and in no time, you will be a proficient knitter!

Sometimes Natalie just wants to knit up something new and fun, like the Ms. Royalty and Stardust hat.  We have known Pam Powers for years, and we are thrilled with her new yarn line, Ikigai (Icky-guy).  We are thrilled with our biggest selection ever of both real and faux fur pom poms which  complete your project!  

Stop in often all winter long to see our ever changing displays of all the latest and best the fiber world has to offer.   We keep our hours regular all year except we will be closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.  We will also be closed if there is a snow emergency.  If you are unsure about the weather conditions, give us a call before coming over.  We continuously update the answering machine and Facebook Page.

We are in love with all the new Atenti knitting fabrics, bags, and baskets!
Stop in often to see our rotating selection!  We have 3 more fall shipments to come!  You never know which fabric will call out to you! 

The Bon bucket has both short and long handles.

The Bonnie shown on the left is a cute taller, narrower version of the classic overnighter shown on the right.
Atenti did several new styles this fall like "Graceful" shown on the left which  is reminiscent of a bowling ball bag;  the faux puma drawstring bag can double as a purse!  See what we have in stock here.

New tins and goodies from Canada!  
Natalie had a great time putting together the goodie boxes!  We have over 40 different tin designs in the shop!  We also have a variety of stitch markers in stock too!  See more on our Instagram page here

Shawl Cuffs

Stop in and see our large selection of scarf/shawl cuffs!  We have many different metal and leather color combinations in four styles. 





Find our store online here !  We now have about 75% of our brick and mortar store online.  We do not update e-commerce items more than once a week unless it is a hugely popular yarn.  Email: knittingoffbroadway@hotmail.com, or call 260.422.9276 if you have questions, and phone orders are always welcome.  $3 shipping on single skeins of yarn.
  Don't forget, we are open from 11:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Our Staff Has Over 100 Years of Knitting Experience!
Fort Wayne's oldest yarn store & the only place for Natural and Luxury Fibers

Reminder of our hours of operation:

Tuesday-Friday 11:00-5:00 
Saturday 11:00-3:00

Throughout the year, we pride ourselves on keeping regular hours except for July 4th, Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day!  
We will have regular business hours throughout the holiday season!  
If there is a snow emergency, we will be closed.  
If the weather is bad (snow, or ice) please call first to make sure we are open.  We make sure to change the answering machine accordingly if we are closed due to bad weather.

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Want to know if others are knitting what you are knitting?  Then check out the knitting community at Ravelry.com.  It is free to join, and well worth it!  You can search groups and projects.  See what all Natalie and the staff at Knitting Off Broadway have been knitting.  Natalie's user- name is knittily, Tami's is knittler, and don't forget to join the Knitting off Broadway group!

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If you are a sock knitter, you must stop in!  We have an incredible selection of sock yarn, wooden sock needles, and all the latest sock knitting books.


We now have a group on Ravelry!  What is Ravelry you ask?  It is a website for knitters, by knitters.  It's a great place to get inspiration, see what everyone is knitting, check for pattern errors or send/view questions to someone who has knitted a project already!  You do need to sign up, but it's free and worth it!  (http://www.ravelry.com)

In case you missed it...

We try to post daily on our Facebook page, and Instagram.

This color couldn't possibly be more saturated and stunning on most skin tones!   We think it would be wonderful for either of these free with yarn purchase patterns.

Lyon is a versatile wrap or poncho.  We think pebble, luar, or even Tweed Cloud would make a stylish warm layer.  Stanza is a great project to gift knit with just two skeins of Drift. 

More "toys" for knitters
New knitting notions, and Chiagoo interchangeable needle sets.


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