Celebrate Local Yarn Shop day with us! 

Local Yarn Shop day is normally held in March, but this has not been a normal year!  We are celebrating LYS day this Friday and Saturday with free patterns and limited edition colorways from a few of our favorite Independent Dyers.  This week has been filled with appointments, help sessions, and unpacking new yarn!  The appointments have been working well, and it has been lovely to see you (and your show and tell) again.  We apologize but we are not yet considering any regular hours until the mask mandate has been lifted.  We appreciate your support and patronage now more than ever!  We are so thrilled that you are knitting new projects, knitting with some stash, and finishing projects!  

August was a great month for us thanks to you shopping in person, online, phone and email orders.  You may have noticed that we now have our logo on the front of our building telling passers by to, "Keep Calm, Knit on".  We also had some repairs done to the front of the building so we can get a fresh coat of paint over the next few days.  It feels good to help make Broadway look its best!  

Victorious Wrap pattern from Dream in Color Yarns featuring a limited edition colorway "victory".

Natalie loved this color combination as soon as she saw it, and when the box arrived, the limited edition color was far better than she imagined!  When you buy 3 skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere you also get this pattern.  We ordered this kit in for colorways show below, to accompany black pearl, and the Victory skein.  Natalie has started hers already!  You Start in a lower corner and work your way up.  Luckily you don't have too many stitches to start with incase you have to start over!   


These kits include shipping and are $105 for 3 skeins, and the pattern.  Shop them online here.

A Shibui Give-a-way!
The Post Pop-Over in Nest
Shibui is supporting their stores on LYS day with a contest!
Here is how you enter to win this project: Follow us on Instagram here and see our post tomorrow with contest details!  If you make a purchase with us this weekend (through Sunday 11 PM) you will be entered to win.  If you were already in this week, you will be entered to win.  If you purchase an exclusive LYS day kit or color, you will be entered to win.  
Fine print: no purchase necessary.  You will receive enough Nest for your size and the pattern.  You can pick your color from our in stock colors.  To see all the colors we have in stock click here.

Anzula Five Peaks Shawl Kits in two Weights

Anzula Local Yarn Store Day 2020 Kits — Anzula Anzula Local Yarn Store Day 2020 Kits — Anzula  Anzula Local Yarn Store Day 2020 Kits — Anzula  Anzula Local Yarn Store Day 2020 Kits — Anzula

Anzula always has a fun new kit for LYS day.  This year, they gave us two options; one with two skeins of worsted weight, and then other has five mini skeins!   We spruced up our mini kits by adding colorful loop stitch markers too!  Each version is $75 and includes the pattern, and a mini packet of Soak.  Shop the colors we put together here.

Burst of Color to celebrate from Wonderland Yarns!

We ordered this fun variety of yarns; something for every knitter!  Natalie has selected some new patterns to make the most out of the different weights of yarn!   

Customers always ask what the "Color Burst" skeins look like worked up in both knit and crochet.   
We have this yarn in fingering, DK, and Bulky.  Shop these yarns here.

A customer thought this Nightwatch Shawlette would be an excellent use for a special skein of LYS day yarn.

We are having a good time with the Sharon Show KAL.  There is still time to join us in the fun on our Ravelry group here, and we have lots of yarn to choose from here, but you can still join by using some KOB stash!

Don't forget about our finish it contest here.  Your odds are really good, and you will feel great finishing something that has been hanging around for a while!  

We can't thank you enough for your support and love of yarn as we approach sweater weather!   If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Natalie.  If you would like to set up an appointment for help, browsing, or shopping let Natalie know.  You can reach her on FB messenger, IG messenger, or by email.
Many of you ask when she is in the shop; it depends.   Lately she has been there every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  She will be gone on the Knitting Retreat the 17th-20th so the shop will be closed for those days.  She has appointments open on Tuesday the 15th, and Wednesday the 16th. 


How much have you knit lately?  

Natalie was shocked that last week she didn't seem to get much more knit than any other week!  How about you?  Communicating with other knitters, they all said the same thing: "I have enough projects to keep me busy for two years, and if I'm lucky, I may get a few things finished.  With the recent shelter in place order, we challenge you to dig out a project that is more than 2 years old, and finish it!   Don't forget about our "finish it" contest in our Ravelry group here.  We have extended the deadline since we all needed more time than anticipated to finish anything, and right now your chances are good for winning!  

We have also added a new feature in our online store: Gift Cards!  These are good for use online and in the store!  Click here to purchase one to use on a future project, or to send to a friend who could use a pick me up.

Rowan Felted Tweed Elder Throw Sampler KAL

Fun new Blanket KAL we will host (hopefully start in store meetings late April);  otherwise we can ship you a big box of Felted Tweed!  See the details of it here.  Many of you love to knit blankets as family heirlooms.  Now is a chance to learn some new techniques, play with color, and you could even use part of your stash!

Click the images above to shop these kits in our online store:  The pattern will be a digital download that will be released every two weeks starting April 3rd.  We hope to host monthly meetings in the shop for this project soon!

Meanwhile... Natalie did finish her Moraine Shawl!
She has started a few new sweaters using *gasp* stash yarn; such as The Everyday Pullover, and two of this lovely pullover which uses 3 lace-weights held together.

We apologize, but we are closed until further notice.  Please sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about when we will re-open.  We hope you will show your support for our store by participating in our Ravelry group contest to finish up some UFOS!

You know its real when your LYS closes temporarily...

Is this the time we all have joked about?  Natalie instantly remembered the excerpt from The Yarn Harlot about why knitters have such a big stash:  "Then, after the yarn shop riots, when we struggled to defend our meager rations against the crochet marauders, because they ran out a yarn first because crochet is so fast. There's all of us, a whole generation of knitters just ripping and re-knitting and ripping and re- knitting, struggling somehow to make knitting possible in a mad maxesque, wool free, post apocalyptic world. But I think everybody worries about that..."  

In years past, whenever there was a threat of a blizzard, we have been swarmed with knitters preparing for a few days at home.  For most, the LYS is just as essential as, dare we say it.. toilet paper.  This time things has been different; , there has been no mad rush to the yarn shop over the past 10 days.   
This morning, Natalie thought about arriving early to steel herself for hoards of knitters who needed to beef up their yarn stash, but instead it was a very low-key day.  After reading countless posts and emails about shops closing, we are too, but  DON'T PANIC not for good!   Rest assured we will be here once things get back to normal! 

Financially,  after being in business for almost 14 years, we are in a good spot.  What can you do NOW while we are closed to ensure we are here for many more years?  We have a plan!  We have a contest with prizes!  Of course, if you would like to order something from our online store you can here, or if you see something cool in a magazine in a yarn you know we carry, send us an email at knittingoffbroadway@hotmail.com or message us on facebook and we can make your yarn dreams come true.  We hope to try something new and feature two digital trunk shows next week AND we will announce a new Rowan Blanket KAL that we have decided to participate in. 

When we heard many businesses going to online ordering only, we thought, hmmmm our customers love to come in and be inspired by whatever is new, or whatever the staff is knitting now.  You love to be absorbed by the shop and you never know what project or yarn will grab your attention next.  You love seeing what other customers are working on, you love showing the staff how much knitting you got done over the weekend, you may need a quick fix on your project... these are the reasons why we came up with a contest each and everyone of you can do from home!   We all say, "I have so much stash I can't buy anymore yarn till I knit some of it up" or "I have too many UFOs so I can't start something new".   We challenge you to finish at least one project (or heck start and finish) and with each project you finish made out of yarn from our store, you can enter to win one of 3 prizes.  Not all finished projects will be awarded the same number of entries (now is a great time to finish a Marie Wallin project or another old KAL project like this sweater). The deadline for the entries is April 6th, as of this date; however, it may be pushed back depending on when the store re-opens.  If the deadline is April 6, we will have the drawing on the 7th.  Entries must be submitted through our Ravelry group here, which is also where you can find details about the contest. 
Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.  Thank you for your continued support!   We can't wait to see all of your finished projects!  Put  your money where your stash is and KNIT IT!!!!    

So many knits to choose from!

It is hard to decide what we feature in our store, but we are thankful for who all helps us make it possible!  Our immense rotating sample selection insures that there is something for everyone to enjoy.  
  Image result for victoria by quail studios
Amber by Quail Studios for Rowan is an updated cross between a poncho and sweatshirt.  This season, Rowan came out with even more shades of their classic yarn; felted tweed.  We decided to have Brenda, one of our customers and sample knitters, knit it up for us.  To dress it up, we've added the Victoria scarf knit by one of our customers, Christy.  This scarf uses two skeins of a limited edition luxury yarn from Rowan made of silk and cashmere.  This yarn is truly a tactile experience, complete with either rabbit, or faux fur, pom poms!  Also, a thank you to her for adjusting the gauge to make it work!      

This newsletter is going to be a little different- it is featuring all the latest samples and trunk show pieces we have in the shop right now (but honestly, there were about 20 more we wanted to feature but didn't want to overwhelm you)!   Customers are always impressed and amazed at the mountains of knitwear and the constantly changing samples in our store.  We encourage customers to take photos of samples they like, because often, the sample will no longer be in the store the next time they visit; or, we won't know what they are trying to describe.  Natalie usually changes the front mannequins weekly, and sweaters in the shop may have a different scarf on them daily!   

If customers are not asking who knit all of the gorgeous samples, then they will ask if the items on display are for sale.  This is usually asked by new or non-knitters and our response is, "they can be, but in general they are for inspirational purposes only since most enjoy the  process of the making".   If the sample is one of Natalie's, she is happy to figure out a price for you which will include the cost of the yarn and a price per yard of knitting.  If the sample is older, or less complex, the price will be less than say a new Fair Isle sample.

Natalie had a great time knitting Odense, and Randers.  Both used slip-stitch techniques for fun, yet easy, knitting that makes a cozy statement.  

We also hear on a weekly basis, "I can never knit things that look as good as your samples".  Our response is, "yes, you can!!"  Number one: use the recommended yarn(s),  We do not recommend using cheap yarn for practice.  The bad thing with lesser quality or synthetic yarns,is that they will not block out (become more even and smooth once washed as the final step), and the process of knitting isn't as enjoyable, so you may never even finish, or when you do, it may not look it's best.  Your time is limited, and good yarn can be ripped out several times without compromising the quality.  Besides, knitting is all about enjoying how every stitch feels.

One of our regular customers, who loves Churchmouse patterns, knit  this sweater as soon as she saw it.  A few years later, we found the "perfect" yarn for it (QIng Melted Suri); now we have two of these pullovers on display.   The Riverine Scarf has been so popular all year long, yet Donna knit hers several years ago.  Sometimes things really need to sink in before we are ready to knit!   

  We  provide knitting classes (both private and group), and all of our staff love to knit.  They can answer quick questions, and help you select your next project.  If you purchase your supplies from us, our motto is 5-10 minutes of help is free (time permitting), but if you need more than that, please schedule a private lesson for $15 per half hour.  Most people improve by popping in and asking a few quick questions.  The more you knit, the better you will become.  It is like reading:  challenging at first, but in a year or so, it will be so easy that you will hardly remember what it was like before.  We also love "show and tell".  Not only is this is a great way to spotcheck your knitting, but it really does inspire us.  We can't knit everything, and it's fun and helpful to see what others are making.   

We are amazed at how well the Mistral wrap fits, and we love the over-sized pockets that hold modern day cell phones!   Denise (a long time customer who recently has become a sample knitter) knit this for the shop in one of the newest colors of Shibui, in their newest yarn, Nest.  If you are more inspired by wild knits, then the Jigshawl Brenda is letting us borrow is one for you to stop in and see!   

The trend is for simpler projects with amazing yarns.  Most people knit to relax!  We encourage you to try one or two new techniques per project, and in no time, you will be a proficient knitter!

Sometimes Natalie just wants to knit up something new and fun, like the Ms. Royalty and Stardust hat.  We have known Pam Powers for years, and we are thrilled with her new yarn line, Ikigai (Icky-guy).  We are thrilled with our biggest selection ever of both real and faux fur pom poms which  complete your project!  

We are in love with all the new Atenti knitting fabrics, bags, and baskets!
Stop in often to see our rotating selection!  We have 3 more fall shipments to come!  You never know which fabric will call out to you! 

The Bonnie shown on the left is a cute taller, narrower version of the classic overnighter shown on the right.

Shawl Cuffs

Stop in and see our large selection of scarf/shawl cuffs!  We have many different metal and leather color combinations in four styles. 





Find our store online here !  We now have about 75% of our brick and mortar store online.  We do not update e-commerce items more than once a week unless it is a hugely popular yarn.  Email: knittingoffbroadway@hotmail.com, or call 260.422.9276 if you have questions, and phone orders are always welcome.  $3 shipping on single skeins of yarn.
  Don't forget, we are open from 11:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.

We are open by appointment only until further notice
We often have same day appointments
If you would like an appointment  : email knittingoffbroadway@Hotmail.com
message us on our facebook page, or instagram

We are still shipping internet orders! 

Our Staff Has Over 100 Years of Knitting Experience!
Fort Wayne's oldest yarn store & the only place for Natural and Luxury Fibers

Reminder of our hours of operation:

Tuesday-Friday 11:00-5:00 
Saturday 11:00-3:00

Throughout the year, we pride ourselves on keeping regular hours except for July 4th, Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day!  
We will have regular business hours throughout the holiday season!  
If there is a snow emergency, we will be closed.  
If the weather is bad (snow, or ice) please call first to make sure we are open.  We make sure to change the answering machine accordingly if we are closed due to bad weather.

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Want to know if others are knitting what you are knitting?  Then check out the knitting community at Ravelry.com.  It is free to join, and well worth it!  You can search groups and projects.  See what all Natalie and the staff at Knitting Off Broadway have been knitting.  Natalie's user- name is knittily, Tami's is knittler, and don't forget to join the Knitting off Broadway group!

Do you have knitting questions?  Check out our You tube channel at www.youtube/knittingoffbroadway.com

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If you are a sock knitter, you must stop in!  We have an incredible selection of sock yarn, wooden sock needles, and all the latest sock knitting books.


We now have a group on Ravelry!  What is Ravelry you ask?  It is a website for knitters, by knitters.  It's a great place to get inspiration, see what everyone is knitting, check for pattern errors or send/view questions to someone who has knitted a project already!  You do need to sign up, but it's free and worth it!  (http://www.ravelry.com)

In case you missed it...

We try to post daily on our Facebook page, and Instagram.

This color couldn't possibly be more saturated and stunning on most skin tones!   We think it would be wonderful for either of these free with yarn purchase patterns.

Lyon is a versatile wrap or poncho.  We think pebble, luar, or even Tweed Cloud would make a stylish warm layer.  Stanza is a great project to gift knit with just two skeins of Drift. 

More "toys" for knitters
New knitting notions, and Chiagoo interchangeable needle sets.


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