Trying to figure out what to knit in this weather is confusing!

     Natalie has been wanting to share with you some spring knits, but when it looks like we are in a snow globe it is hard to get away from wonderful wools!  This newsletter has inspiration for both hot and cold weather knits; so no matter what it is doing outside, you will have something fun on your needles.
     We are gearing up for summer here- new cottons, new patterns, and new notions are arriving weekly.  We are very excited to host the Shibui SS18 collection early June, and Donna will be back soon from her winter escape.  We are having fun with the large braided skeins of Manos Silk Blend that are hanging in the store.  We have two of the above samples on display to inspire you, and they are all fun and relaxing knits!  
    People constantly ask the KOB staff what we are working on- Tami, Vicki, and Natalie are knitting NEW Shibui Spring/Summer 2018 patterns, Tami, Natalie, and Jennifer are knitting Fair Isle Yoke Sweaters, Ruth and Tami are knitting Fair Isle Mittens, and all of us are always working on at least one shawl, one scarf, and one other accessory.  We need projects to suit our state of mind on a daily basis.  Some days you don't want to think, other days the light is so poor that you can't do color work, some days you want to challenge yourself or tackle a project that is near completion.  Whatever your mood, we have a project for you!

Blue Sky Rosewood DPNS have been discontinued.  Our sale section is quite full to make room for the new spring yarns.  This includes: Milla Mia, Mountain Colors Loopy Mohair, Shibui Dune, random fingeringweight, and discontinued colors of Kidsilk Haze, Blue Sky Sport, and Acadia.  

Start Shopping the new Kits

Atenti for Spring

Nothing makes us smile than seeing what Atenti will come up with next!  Click here to see what we have in the store at the moment.  We are expecting two more shipments before July.  Grab your very own Mama Llama print before they are gone!


New Shibui Yarn- Fern

Brushed to downy softness, Fern is a matte cotton yarn spun from 100% certified organic fiber, yielding a lightweight fabric with impeccable drape.  Click here to see the look book.  Which do you want to knit next?  Did you know Natalie knit the Areca vest sample for Shibui featured on the pattern?  

New notions from Coco Knits

Everyone loved the cute little boxes filled with stitch markers, so we decided to add more notions designed for knitters, by a knitter.  Stop in or click the image to see what else we ordered.


New Fibre Co. Yarn-  Luma

Plant-based fibers mixed with silk and wool provide a built-in layer of warmth in winter, yet lightness when required in warmer temperature.  This is a perfect yarn for Indiana most of the year.  Natalie and Tami are both knitting this yoked sweater.

Jul Silver- Celtic Collection

Jul Silver continues to produce innovative designs to keep our hand-knits in place.  Her new lightweight shawl sticks seem to really stay put; we think the new Celtic collection channels our inner "Outlander".  


New artisan notions!   

Check out the latest hand-crafted notions.  The hand-poured resin tins with vintage images are a shop favorite, and the zippered pouches have wonderful details.  
Blue Sky Fibers Worsted Cotton

We are restocked on this shop staple!  Click here to read more about why you want to buy organic cotton, and to see some of the wonderful, modern designs for this yarn.  Natalie hopes to finally get the Pine Island sample seamed this weekend!   

Woolfolk Luft Trunk Show

This yarn is a cloud inside a light cotton shell which gives it dimension and body.  We have sweaters from this collection in the store for you to try on.  Woolfolk sent a variety of sizes which is helpful since modern fit can be confusing (why do I want 20" positive ease?  What is negative ease?).  Let our expert staff help you determine which size to knit.  Click the image above to see the new 2018 colors!

Find our store online here !  We now have about 75% of our brick and mortar store online.  We do not update e-commerce items more than once a week unless it is a hugely popular yarn.  Email:, or call 260.422.9276 if you have questions, and phone orders are always welcome.  $3 shipping on single skeins of yarn.

  Don't forget, we are open from 11:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.

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If you are a sock knitter, you must stop in!  We have an incredible selection of sock yarn, wooden sock needles, and all the latest sock knitting books.


We now have a group on Ravelry!  What is Ravelry you ask?  It is a website for knitters, by knitters.  It's a great place to get inspiration, see what everyone is knitting, check for pattern errors or send/view questions to someone who has knitted a project already!  You do need to sign up, but it's free and worth it!  (

Two completed shop samples are designed by Lori Versaci from her new collection "Sisterhood".  The entire collection is so unique it was hard to decide which one to knit, so Natalie choose two... for now! 

Spellman  is a fisherman rib tunic with seed stitch and i-cord details knit in luscious 100% alpaca.  Natalie used 5 skeins of Shibui 100% Alpaca creating a smooth and uniform garment.  The photo on the right was knit in  Knightsbridge  which has a heathered look, and is more loosely spun yarn knitting into a less dense fabric.  

Moore  has enchanted many customers already.  They love the simple construction with a split back and i-cord edges, plus did we mention the yarn is amazing?  Natalie hasn't knit with  Road to China Light  in a few years, and after a few stitches, she was instantly hooked on the feel of this yarn making this simple sweater a real pleasure to knit.  

Beech Hill  has been on Natalie's knit list since she saw it advertised on the back of a magazine this past spring.  She had a great time knitting it, and thinks she will get to wear it often this fall.  It is knit with 7 skeins of  Acadia, and is a relaxing and relatively quick knit on a size 8 needle.



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